The disease of addiction, like other diseases, is chronic and organic. It sites the brain as its target organ. It relapses. It remits. It is cunning, baffling and powerful, but treated one day at a time, lasting recovery is the promise for each and every alcoholic or addict afflicted. All that is required is that they have the willingness to take the first steps.

Tall shadow

A segment of time passes. I look back over my shoulder and 6 months are in the horizon. The pride, the worry, the joy, the pain, the fun..

I found inside me a piece of me that was missing. As the sun sets the shadow is cast against a wall of future endeavor to climb.

As I move forward and time marches on, I am thankful for the gifts I was given. The listening and learning form those that surrounded me. Believing in me to help guide them to their future. And to those that were brave and spoke from a place of honesty and caring. You made me see that I was able to reach the place I struggled to find. Fear was defeated. Doubt was but something to transform to opportunity.

You all are light that created the tall, shadow..I’m ready to meet the next challenge.

This is the greatest gift of friendship one can receive in life. The gift of a more realized potential, the gift of our self.
Richard Dashut

Anonymous said: Did Stevie break a lot of hearts?


Well lets put it this way, how many guys/girls had a fantasy & an imagination? Countless, I would think, but a broken heart sets free the eternal spirit.


So perfectly said.

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“Know what’s weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything’s different.”

Anonymous said: What is your fondest memory of living with Stevie?


Here is one you’ll like. Within a couple of hours of meeting Stevie & Lindsey at Sound City, the three of us decided to get a place to live together. We ended up living in a bi-level apt attached to a house in Hollywood, above Universal City. It was during this period that Buckingham Nicks was recorded, & I was working hard as a second engineer for Kieth Olsen at Sound City. We worked on both the BN record & other projects. I lived downstairs & came home extremely tired every night & had to step over cords & guitars to get to my bed. Lindsey had his 4-track Ampex down there & was starting the next round of BN demos, so I had to step around that. Finally after almost a year, I decided to get my own place. I guess I just needed some privacy after a while & Stevie & Lindsey had had enough of my dirty smelly socks (I remember I had to burn them after they piled up & The Board of Health wanted to condemn the whole neighborhood……just joking but they were truly bad, had no free time to wash them in those days, just work.) Anyway, I ended up getting a two bedroom, two level apt. near the Orthodox Jewish section of town (LA) & was enjoying life in the bigger (much Bigger) bedroom of the apt. Well just a couple of months later, I remember getting a call from Lindsey asking me if He & Stevie could move in again. Things were not going so great for them financially after the BN album was released, not exactly selling like hotcakes (more like hot potatoes, nobody wanted to touch one.) So the day arrived when Stevie & Lindsey came over to look over the new digs & start moving in. I swear, the first thing Stevie did was make a bee line for the bedrooms & make a command decision. After examining both bedrooms she quickly declared, (like Yule Brenner as the Pharaoh in The Ten Commandments, “so it is said, so shall it be written,”) that her & Lindsey should have, like I said, the rather larger bedroom. Well I’m sure you can guess the rest, she is very persuasive ya know. The good news, Lindsey kept the 4-track (after a short stint on the stairwell) in their bedroom, & the bad, …..I had a bedroom so small, I needed a shoehorn to get into bed. (Great for the sex life, giving new meaning to getting close with my girlfriends fast.)

Stevie always gets her way, Lindsey assured me, & I rode that all the way to Fleetwood Mac.

Thanks for the question & enjoy the ride on our blog.



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No longer moved to drink strong whiskey.
I shook the hand of time and I knew,
that if I lived till I could no longer climb my stairs,
I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you.
Colin Hay
The hardest thing about marriage: your life may be different, but you’re still the same person you were before you put that ring on.
Melissa Maerz

My son sent me this picture today. One of those great memories. We were in Jamaica and were really excited to take this boat ride. Unfortunately the water was too rough and we couldn’t go. I told him and his friend that we could pretend to be riding but we really needed to “get into it”


You try to come back for me. You want me to be yours. When we were together we didn’t care about anything but ourselves. You made all the doubt go away. As a team we were unstoppable. We made everyone laugh, we made them think we had not a care in the world. We felt euphoric. The not being like others went away and we made them see how we were just as good. At first It was our goal to get others to come along because we didn’t want to just have all this fun alone. When they started to leave us we just made the best of it and we kept each other entertained. Countless nights of making ourselves feel better. We didn’t need them anymore anyway, we had each other.

Remember when it had to stop between us? Remember how we kept hearing that we had gone too far? All the fun was ending. I had to leave you to save myself. All I had grown to know was us but somehow I lost me.

I hear you calling me. Sometimes I can go for days with only a faint reminder. But never a day goes by that I don’t hear you. It gets louder and more prevalent through their voices. The ones that liked us better. The ones that know you too and want to share in the feelings we once had. Because it’s bliss. Most of them, they still have control over you. They are the alpha in the relationship. But you and I, we found out that I liked it much better when you took control. Because seeing through you made me appear better to the self that was without you.

The discipline can be deceived. Your power has played tricks on my mind. But I somehow am able to reach inside and tell you that you are only a thing. Things don’t make me. Things don’t care, love or last. I tell myself that if I could stop you I could stop the others. I have got discipline on my side because it’s in me. It is me. Some of them are surprisingly strong. Most of them seem perfectly “normal” and I can see why people say, “why not? For for it!” But as you know, it’s all or nothing for us. A little does not go a long way. It’s never enough is it?

I dream of a day when discipline is no longer needed. When you and the others just don’t matter. I will get there, I know that I can. I see you waiting. But I won’t let you in.